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Relying on the best carriers, Global Cargo weekly handles from all major ports, full containers (FCLs) and consolidation services (LCL) for volumes of goods that do not need a full container.

Type of shipments handled are:

  • General cargo goods (GCR)
  • Dangerous cargo goods (IMO)
  • Temperature controlled goods (RF)
  • Oversize goods (OOG)
  • Garment on hanger (GOH)

Sea service includes:

  1. Pick up from factories
  2. Checking documentation and cargo stowage
  3. Stuffing of container
  4. Insurance
  5. Custom export formalites
  6. Issuing export documentations
  7. Goods transportation to port of departure
  8. Arrival notice to consignee
  9. Custom import formalities
  10. Delivery and distribution at destination