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The status of IATA agent and agreements with major airlines, allow Global Cargo to offer its customers a great service with daily scheduled departures at best rates.
Thanks to the consolidated experience in this field, Global Cargo manages all types shipments:

  • General cargo goods (GCR)
  • Dangerous cargo goods (DGR);
  • Temperature controlled goods (FRO/COL/CRT)
  • Perishable cargo goods (PER)
  • Oversize goods (OHG)
  • Garments on hangers (GOH)
  • Priority shipments (PRI)

Air service includes:

  1. Pick up from factories
  2. Checking documentation and cargo stowage
  3. Insurance
  4. Custom export formalities
  5. Issuing export documentations
  6. X-ray control
  7. Goods transportation to airports of departure
  8. Arrival notice to consignee
  9. Custom import formalities
  10. Delivery and distribution at destination